About me

Before I start, let me introduce myself 🙂

I am Daphne. I am from the Philippines and now call Singapore my home since 2009. I am an ex-management consultant, currently a banker by profession. My work has given me opportunities to live in Asia (Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia)  and the Middle East (United Arab Emirates). I also did a short stint in London. For work and pleasure (mostly pleasure!), I have traveled to  more than 70 countries in 6 continents. And Antartica is hopefully in my list in the near future 🙂

Why am I starting a blog?

I have come across many, many fantastic blogs that basically tell you to quit your job, pack up your bags, and go. It seems like for a passionate traveler, that is the best way to see the world. I am offering an alternative solution.  For people who are  both dreamers and realists (I am!), there is a sweet compromise between keeping a serious, stable job, and traveling crazily for fun! I travel around twice a month for short trips and have three longer trips a year. For the record, I have booked and paid for more than 20 trips for 2013!!! How do I do it? Visit my blog regularly to find out!

Be ready for a wide array of topics that will spark your interest.

I will not only post my adventures from the different places I’ve been to. I will also provide tips on when to splurge and when to save, and how to get the biggest bang for your buck. I believe in value traveling, not cheap traveling. How will you enjoy if you squeezed every single area of comfort in your experience??? Furthermore, if relevant, I will post advice on what to look out for as a single female traveler (and an Asian at that !!!). I know I am brave, but I am cautious, too!

Hope this will inspire you to become a crazy part-time traveler like me :)


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