How to have a full time job and travel around the world

A fried of mine suggested I write about the overall theme of my blog. Yeah I guess it’s about time I did πŸ™‚

I’ve read so many blogs of people who quit their jobs and start traveling and blogging full time. While it sounds so “sweep-off-your-feet” romantic, it is not practical for me, and I believe it isn’t for most of you as well.

While I am single and do not really have much responsibility than taking care of myself, I hate the uncertainty of not knowing what lies ahead or where my next meal will come from. I also do not like traveling on a shoestring. The Filipino-Chinese in me is not comfortable asking for donations of some sort, especially since this is purely my selfish conquest. And last but not the least, I do not want, or at least not yet ready, to give up the daily intellectual challenge from my current banking job. So yeah, as a Chinese saying goes, my feet are in two boats (θ…³θΈε…©ζ’θˆΉ).

How do I do it? It’s really no rocket science. I just need to ensure I have enough energy, funds, and curiosity to keep me going.

1. Plan ahead

Those reading my blog for a while will be tired of this – but planning ahead makes sure I get everything relatively cheap, go to my first choices, and maximize my experience. Have an excel calendar of all your travels.

2. Put some variety

Anything monotonous will be mundane. I think the reason why I love traveling so much is I spice it up with variety. Shopping in Hong Kong, nature in South America, architecture in Europe, food in Southeast Asia, animals
in Africa – these are just a few of the themes I play with when I plan my travels.

3. Allocate leave dates to far locations.

One of the main constraints everyone has is the number of leave days from work. So if I can take off for 9 days, I don’t go to Thailand or Vietnam. I leave that for Europe. If I have three weeks, I’ll go to South America. That’s the only way I can maximize my opportunities to go to farther places.

4. Travel on all long weekends

I don’t let any opportunity pass. There is no chill long weekend for me. If there is a holiday, I am somewhere!

5. Choose a job that will make you earn enough to support your passion, but not enough to wear you out

This is a bit tricky. But what I learned is even if I have the opportunity to travel, working 80-100 hour weeks will just wear me out, leaving me no energy left to pursue my travels. So balance is key πŸ™‚

6. Be fit

I also cannot stress this enough. My energy comes from 4-5 times a week of cardio, and 3-4 times a week of yoga. When my friends ask me where my energy comes from, my fitness routine is the answer πŸ™‚

7. Make sacrifices

Traveling often means I have to put off a big ticket purchase, or not shop as much. But it’s all worth it!

8. Read, read, read

Why don’t I run out of places to go to? I read. My favorite books are DK eyewitness books and Lonely Planet. I have the Tripadvisor app. Yes, I am a travel nerd πŸ˜› But the kick I get of traveling to off the beaten track places is just amazing!

9. Join travel groups

Sharing experiences with people who have the same traveling passion as you do keeps you going. If my schedule permits, I attend the presentations of because they present off the beaten track places and experiences. Most of the time, the places are not my cup of tea, but they make me realize what types of travel I prefer and understand my traveling preferences better.

10. Just go. Period.

When I talk to people one of the reasons they can’t go to a place because of considerations that stop them. Oh, our company’s travel advisory told us not to go. Not sure if it is the right season. I will just do it next time. Procrastinating means you travel less, and let go of opportunities. Talk to locals, make your judgment. If I survived Brazil, remote Indonesian provinces, and hopefully Iran and Africa this year, you will, too!!!

Let me know if you become a part time traveler like me, too πŸ™‚

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