A single gal’s trusted travel gadgets

Hello from Hoi An, Vietnam! While relaxing by the pool I thought to share some travel tips on what to bring to make your trip fun and relaxing, even when traveling alone!

Traveling alone is a daunting task. Sometimes it is even more challenging for a girl. Let’s face it – we have less physical strength than guys. Furthermore, sometimes we do feel lonely traveling by ourselves.

Through my travels, I learned to love some of the stuff I bring with me. They make my travels easier and worry-free.

1. Four-wheel Samsonite suitcase

This is the second-best luggage a girl can have-if you do not want to spring for a Rimowa version. It makes lugging it around so much easier. I have it in three sizes. The hand carried version for my weekend trips, medium for a week, and large one for my long trips. Don’t skimp on this one. Your arms and back will thank you for it.

2. Deuter backpack with wired frame

I bring this in combo with the large suitcase for my long travels. If you have a bad back like me, your back is protected with the frame. No need for something big. Just 22 or 24 liters would do. I put my essentials there. And if I do an overnighter and leaving my large luggage somewhere else, I put my overnight clothes here.

3. Tripod

Get the lightest and tallest one you can afford. This will make sure your solo pics look awesome and are not just the products of someone feeling obliged to take your photo. You are in control of the composition of your pictures. Also, you will get better night shots! It will also serve as your weapon of choice. See my post on Krabi ๐Ÿ˜›

4. Bose Quietcomfort 15 noise-cancelling headphones

If you travel so much like I do, and just hate noise, this will be the smartest USD400 you will ever spend on. A baby crying on the plane? It doesnt bother me now!

5. Le Sport Sac overnighter

In my European trips, this sturdy, lightweight, and really cute bag folds nicely into my suitcase. When I fly home, it is filled with my loot! The zipper works really well, and it is reasonably waterproof. No fakes for me!

6. Kipling sling handbag

This is a girl traveler’s beat friend. Put it in front of you always and your stuff will be safe! And the slingstrap is so comfy on your shoulder, too! Zipper will never fail you. This beats a Prada nylon bag anytime! And I sling this first, then put the Deuter knapsack on top, so I have two hands to lug my large suitcase, or hold on to something. Handy!

7. Tablet

On long plane, bus, and train rides, I am entertained with many TV shows. This makes surfing easier too.

8. A good compact camera, and a spare

I never lug my DSLR around anymore. It is too heavy. But a normal compact camera is not good enough. My two faves: Canon G1X and Sony RX100. Portable and good for low light. It is worth investing in a camera worth more than USD 500! And I bring both, especially on long haul trips. I learned the hard way. My Canon S90 then konked out when zoomed in during one of my trips to Spain. Not fun!

9. Kindle

There is nothing better than curling up with a good book when I am in the mood. Books are heavy. Kindle is light, compact, and glare-free!

10. Medicine

In my long haul travels, I carry the essentials: paracetamol, non-drowsy cold medicine, betadine for wounds (I’m a klutz!), white flower oil for headaches, backpain, or insect bites.

11. Swimwear

It doesnt matter how cold my destination is. I bring a pair at the least. You never know if there is a good pool. It is light and does not take up space. You will be bummed if you cant enjoy the water just because you did not bring your bikini!

12. Shades

For the glaring sun, that cool look, and the prevention of more wrinkles ๐Ÿ˜›

13. Flipflops

For the pool, doubles as your bedroom slippers, and I bring them in the shower if I end up in an unforeseen icky hotel. Triple purpose!

14. Long-flight gear

For long haul flights, my perfect comfy warm attire. T-shirt, leggings, socks (when I am on my seat), comfy jacket.

These are my essentials. What are yours?

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2 Comments on “A single gal’s trusted travel gadgets”

  1. Nessa Says:

    Hi Daphne! can you share what kind of tripod do you use? Also, I just found your site and wondering if you still blog about your travels anymore? Love reading your writing.

    • daphnego Says:

      Hi there! I use a Vanguard one. Super easy to use but a bit heavy. I got one with a ball on top and it makes aligning way easier

      Thanks for your kind words. Writing takes up a lot of time and I ended up traveling so much without much time to write. But you can ask me if you are traveling to a specific area ๐Ÿ™‚

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